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Our first Cattrysse came by the way of a purchase of 2 pair of pigeons from Mark Gordon of Canada which were Deviendt and Cattrysse. By traveling for his business Mark became good friends with both Oscar Cattrysse and Oscar Devriendt and they always gave him their best. Mark was also an excellent writer of pigeon articles and books. His Widowhood book is a classic and became my bible. Through my good friend, now deceased, Wally Pope, now deceased I had the privilege of meeting Mark while we both were in England and visiting lofts together. Mark referred me to a vet in England, Henry Frith who he thought had super Cattrysse and recommended him highly. My very first importation was 5 Cattrysse from Mr. Frith among which was 62719 who became "The Goldmine Hen" at Nettis Family Loft and together with 1217 "The Goldmine Cock" from the Mark Gordon stock went on to breed 48-1st place winners. 1217 was 3/4 Cattrysse and 1/4 Devriendt. 62719 was bred from "De 90" Cattrysse bloodline of Les Davenport, England, The Pau National Ace fancier.

"De 90" was a full brother to "De Draaier" and "De Wittentik" all 3 being National winners for Cattrysse Loft. "De 90" was sold to Roger Vereecke at Gerard Cattrysse's sale and became one of Rogers foundation birds. As is my practice I wanted to go to the source of these Frith Cattrysse so my next step was to go to England again, this time to visit the ACE himself Mr. Les Davenport where Henry acquired his Cattrysse. We became friends instantly and over the years I was able to acquire children, brothers and sisters of his Pau National winners. Finally, when Les retired from the sport for good he had 8 of his favorites which he sent to me. This was indeed an honor. Another English fancier I became friends with who was flying Les's Cattrysse was Les Varney. I was able to purchase direct children from his best including "Blue Metro" the Auto winner. We also imported some top quality Cattrysse from the Ely Aces Les Newman now deceased. My dad enjoyed meeting Les on one of our trips to England and Belgium.

It was now time to go to Moere, Belgium the home of the famous Cattrysse Loft then operated by Oscar's son-in-law Maurits Beuselinck now in charge of this historic family of pigeons. On my first trip I selected 10 yearlings, 7 of which went on to breed winners with my Goldmine Line. I might add here that when adding a Cattrysse pigeon to my stock loft I always preferred "De Draaier", "De 90" and "De Wittentik" bloodlines to align with "The Goldmine Pair" bloodlines.

In 1976 by recommendation of my friend Tony Melucci I became the U.S. agent for the Cattrysse Loft and a few years after that Maurits passed away. What a thrill it was having Maurits show me the breeding records of the brothers and going upstairs to the original loft and handling "De Draaier". I felt I had come full circle with the Cattrysse family from my first Mark Gordons all the way to the home of this amazing family that helped numerous famous Lofts such as Norbet Norman, Roger Vereecke, Emil Denys, Germain Imbrecht and many more.

More recently we were able to acquire many of the retired Cattrysse Champions of our friend Keith Arnold, England many of which are bred down from "De Draaier" strong also in "De 45" bloodlines Keith is a great champion flyer and breeder of the Cattrysse family. I was amazed at the quality of his stock when visiting his loft. They have become an important part of the Nettis Family Goldmine Cattrysse.